Just read this article about Apple’s new Macbook and how there will only be one USB-C port. My first reaction was that it was a ridiculous idea. Upon further reflection, I can see where it would work well but I still think Apple my have jumped the gun. Since USB-C can charge, send video out and transport data, I see using a USB-C hub as a computer dock so the computer can be moved around easy and plugged in with one cord. The problem is if you are going somewhere that doesn’t have a usb hub setup so you have to carry one around. Of course Apple is influential enough that people will start producing cheap hubs and have them available. I can especially see the benefit in the future when most peripherals become wireless.
For me personally, the benefit of reducing size and weight (sleeker design) does not overcome the functionality and usability of having multiple ports. I would rather have a larger laptop with multiple USB-C ports and phase in the new devices that would eventually lead to only needing one port while there are still expensive devices that use the old ports. Also, adapters do not always work correctly (with full functionality).