Yin for President 2020

Policy Items

  1. Better enforce separation of Church and State
  2. Everyone is required to be vaccinated because it is a public safety issue and not a freedom
  3. Support vocational/trade schools as an equal career path other than college
  4. Give 1st through 12th grade teachers more power/ability to discipline the students (with appropriate oversight) and less worry about parents interfering. If parents will not discipline kids then teachers will have to do it.
  5. Make the 4th of July national holiday a week long
  6. Make Halloween a national holiday lasting at least two days
  7. Establish mandatory civil service like Germany
  8. Invest in and encourage research and infrastructure to exploit space i.e. asteroid mining and colonization of other planets
  9. Establish stricter driving education
  10. Update Our Unit System
      • Establish feasible plan to convert fully to Metric system (Blog Post)


    • Create a new system of units that is based of my person on inauguration day e.g. one Yin unit of length is my height at inauguration (all towns and cities will receive a bronze statue of me to scale for reference)
  11. Add Summer Solstice as a national holiday (maybe also replace Christmas with Winter Solstice to celebrate the return of the Sun)
  12. Anti-Sussman campaign (undergrad friend)
  13. Phase out the penny and nickel (cash transactions are rounded to nearest 10 cents)
  14. Like in the Hunger Games, there should be a national holiday during the two weeks of the Olympics so we can all gather and watch
  15. Smoking Ban
  16. Update the Calendar
    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Fixed_Calendar
    • Redistribute the number of days in each month
    • Move the leap day to the last day of the year OR initiate a program to move the earth closer to or farther away from the sun so the number of days in a year is a whole number
    • Reset year so year 0 is the first year of my presidency (BY – Before Yin, AY – After Yin)

Disclaimer: Some of these policy items are more joke than real. In general, the top of the list is more plausible than lower down

Disclaimer: I am also a big supporter of nepotism

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