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Another Deposit of Internet Findings


First is a cool article by my housemate about off-grid electricity innovation.

30 Signs You’re Almost 30: Many of these are true.

Drone It Yourself turns random objects into RC quadrotors: I want to try this out someday. I have never gotten to play around with a quadrotors.

Crazy living rock: It is amazing what nature comes up with.

Sounds like a fun teacher.,,20713963,00.html



So far ‪#‎Sharknado‬ is the best sharks in tropical storm movie I have seen so far. I wonder if anyone will ever be able to top it.

F***ing Crazy


Brazilian soccer fans, referees, and players are way to extreme! Exhibit A. They need to calm the f down.

Some Interesting Things Found on the Internet


1000 TB Storage?

The Remarkable Properties of Mythological Social Networks: how some myths show social networks that might indicate that the myths are based on a kernel of truth

The Repopulation: an interesting MMORPG with a crafting system that I would like to tryout

Singapore Looks Skyward to Take Farming in New Directions: video about vertical farming in Singapore which looks very promising

The Holy Grail of Battle Re-enactments: Badass people fighting with medieval weaponry as a new sport

The Onion Urges Barack Obama To Come Clean About The Basilisk Project: Hilarious Onion article about a fictitious secret project

Lumigrids: interesting new concept for a bike light

Your IT!


A while back I found an article about a group of friends that are continuing a game of tag that they started 23 years ago in middle school. They are able to tag each other only during the month of February. There are no geographic limits so they have to fly around to get to each other since they don’t live in the same area. This reminds be of the Flying Circus skit about the Olympic game of hide and seek.

I wish I was better at keeping in touch with my friends from various times in my life. In general, if I don’t see a person often, I don’t end up communicating with them. I have gotten better recently especially with the advance of communications technology but it is still hard.
The biggest regret is not keeping up my Italian so it would be easier to keep in touch with my Italian host family.

3D Printing


I found this post very informative about 3d printing and why it isn’t as revolutionary as the media has made it seem. There is still many developments that need to happen before it is common in the household. It also will not replace traditional manufacturing any time soon.

Ice Cream Bread!!!!!


I came across this recipe online. You only have to mix 2 cups of ice cream with 1 1/2 cups of self-raising flour. My housemates and I decided to try it out and it was delicious. We have made it with 1905 vanilla but plan to use different flavors to see what is good. We also found that it is a lot better if you use a tad bit more ice cream, make sure to let the ice cream melt, and bake it for around 40 min. Our first try was a little dry.



The blog,, does a great job of representing data. I originally found out about datapointed through the great factorization visualization on the website. I also really like the author’s map program which will show you all the places with your first name.

Map of Europe: 1000 AD to Present Day


Cool video showing the history of Europe in terms of political borders.

Food/Drinks, Gotta Love It!


Here are some interesting things that are on the internet related to stuff you eat or drink.

The video below is about a man in japan who filtered coke. You end up with a clear fluid which is pretty cool.

An article in the Atlantic Wire explains the optimization that goes into making the Simply Orange Juice. As I a process engineer, I found the article to be pretty awesome/fascinating. I know some people don’t like the amount of engineering that goes into food but I think that in general it will end up being for the best.

This next guy doesn’t like to cook or eat so he has made a formula with “all” the need minerals, vitamins, etc. that a human needs for a healthy life. I would be interested in trying his “Soylent” even though I enjoy eating mainly since my current diet is pretty unhealthy.

The last article is about a scientist in Japan that can fabricate beef tasting meat from feces. At first it sounds disgusting but it would be great for recycling purposes. Too bad it is an expensive process so far. The real question is: What else can we make from feces?

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