Crazy People

Over the last month or so I have found some articles about crazy people doing crazy stuff or just living in a crazy place.
The first article is about a high school that still has segregated proms. Totally surprised me that this type of thing still happens.
The next article is about some politicians trying to make North Carolina have an official religion. We actually need more separation between church and state not less.
The last article is about how the westboro baptist church wants to picket the funerals of the marathon bombing victims because they believe the bombings were sent by god to punish Massachusetts for legalizing same sex marriage. Ridiculously crazy if they actually believe what they preach but it is thought that they are scamming people by riling them up until they push back and then suing them.


My housemate, David, turned 30 to day. WOOT!
Also today is Leonhard Euler’s birthday. He was one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. It is amazing how many mathematic principles, formulas, and theories were discovered by him. Google is honoring him with an interactive Google doodle.

Big Sandy Shoot

I would love to go to the Big Sandy Shoot. A lot of gun lovers with big guns go to a ranch in Arizona and shoot guns (heaven :) ). They even shoot cannons and AA guns.

Minecraft and Game of Thrones

Read this article if you love Minecraft and the Song of Ice and Fire.

Awesome Controls

It would be even better if they didn’t need external sensors and if they didn’t need to setup. It is still an amazing accomplishment.


I was eating lunch at Crown and Anchor Pub and on the TV was ESPN. They announced that a pitcher (forgot his name) just signed a 7 year contract for $175 million. At first I was astonished at how much money he was getting per year ($25 million) just because it is a large sum of money. Then I realized that my PhD adviser and 20+ other professors at three universities plus various international universities and industry partners won a ERC grant (Engineering Research Center) from NSF (National Science Foundation) last fall for $18.5 million over 5 years which means that the pitcher can fund our research center in one year with a decent amount of change leftover. That is ridiculous!
I do understand that not every professional athlete gets payed that much, that a lot of them donate to charity, and that there definite benefits to sports entertainment but it still seems extreme to pay someone so much for doing something (much better) that I did for recess while people that have a huge impact on society like teachers are paid far less.


Constructable – Interactive Lasercutting

My housemate, David, introduced me to Constructable – interactive lasercutting. It is a system that allows a user to draft directly onto a work surface (wood) and a laser will follow along and cut out the piece. Here is their website and a link to some more information. It looks incredibly fun but I am not sure how good I would be with it. I think I would need CAD software to draw anything useful since my free hand drawings never come out the way I plan (the system does clean up the lines). I guess the engineer in me likes the precision of CAD. I also need to be able erase or correct my drawings as well as have exact dimensions. I still would love to play around with one.

Video Dump

I first saw this ball thingie in the Jackie Chan movie, Armour of God. I have always want to try one out and I had heard a while back that there was a Danish group that put you in one with a little water so you can float/stay level and you would roll down a hill.

Cool paper display tech.

I only agree with some of the things that the poster talks about.

I Want One of These!

Kogoro Kurata, a blacksmith in Japan, has made Kuratas, a four ton mech robot with the help of Wataru Yoshizaki, a doctoral student. Kuratas would definitely be one of my first purchases if I won the lottery. It costs $1.4 million. It includes weapons but they are only toys. :( Here is the article I first read as well as a video and the website to Suidobashi Heavy Industry, the company that fabricates customized Kuratas that you can buy. This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while.

Everyone’s Primer for Life

David and I are watching the TV show, Friends. I realized that Friends, Seinfeld, and, the Simpsons combined is a great primer for life. The shows cover any situation you might find (maybe not as extreme) and tell either how to respond or at least how not to respond. Law and Order would also help with anything crime related.